RAS screen

IRCA’s RAS- Risk assessment software is a web based enterprise class suite of best risk management software which is designed to ensure the recording of all level of relevant risk within an organization. It runs in a stand-alone and networked environment, and provides companies with relevant information but allows the risk within the business to be managed. Now as per the Company standards every company has to have a best risk analysis tool to analyze the risk involved within the work place for the safety of the employee in any industry.

The key function of the IRCA’s Risk management tool or risk analysis software is very unique and useful to reduce the risk involved in a work place and capture the activities going within the work place. The key functions of the risk management framework are

  • Organizational Structure, business processes and activities tracking
  • Recognized standardized methodologies
  • Project management of risk assessment
  • Data recording including current and suggested controls
  • Rich data mining, allowing detailed, company or Organizational risk registers
  • Data analysis via built-in filtering criterion
  • Standardized report generation
  • Action Management or Operational risk management (internal or External Sources of action)
  • Dashboard tracking key areas of risk
  • Quick links to outstanding action, assessments, last data point, last report accessed, as well quick search facilities
  • Risk register logging and revision tracking

How IRCA’s RAS, The Risk Management System Works?

The Risk Assessment Process helps the Risk Determination in few steps are as follows

  • Identification and Mitigation of Hazards (risk identification)
  • Risk Register
  • General Corrective Action

The Risk control Software also us some Risk Assessment Techniques or Risk Assessment Activities to reduce the risk involved in a organization. The techniques are

  • PHA - Preliminary Hazard Analysis
  • HAZOP- Hazard & Operability Study
  • SWIFT - Structured What-If Technique
  • WRAC – Workplace Risk Assessment
  • HIRA – Hazard Identification and Assessment
  • JSA – Job Safety Analysis or Job Hazard Analysis

The safety risk assessment tool which ensures the in reduction in functional or operational risk involved in a work place or in a company.

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