About Us

Who We Are

We are the most robust and comprehensive, zero code, cloud-based work automation that makes setting up any business process look  like a Walk-In-The-Park

What We Do

We aim to help businesses De-clutter and Optimize their Business Processes by bridging various task-based processes through our workflow software that could otherwise prove tedious

How We Do It

We work with your business Teams to Understand and Analyze your business, map out every set of your process and develop streamlined workflows using out automation software.

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Zero Code, Low Code

Workow Builder

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Graphically rich Dashboards

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Visualize all your tasks, projects

and work in List, Grid & Dashboards

Industry agnostic

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Our Team

Manohar Singh

Manohar Singh has been building companies since he was 18, this is his third stint as an entrepreneur. His offbeat approach to solve practical problems has resulted in many product ideas. He has a contagious passion and unwavering commitment in taking the company to a global heights.

Nishant Ranka

Effortless multitasking is his second nature. Nishant has efficiently handled the execution of multiple projects. In-depth technical know-how and smooth execution are his strengths. Prior to joining Kelsa, he was a programmer at Deutsche Bank, New York.

Ashwin Hegde

Ashwin is an avid web developer who is passionate about empowering the average manager to create and analyze their team’s workflow. A graduate from Carnegie Mellon University and an early employee at Zendesk, Ashwin’s foundations and penchant for the latest and greatest trends in technology enable the product to be fast, secure, stable, and scalable.