Features of Workflow-management-system


Empower teams to self- manage as they move tasks from one stage to the other and visualize workflows

Custom workflows

Customize workflows with as many stages as you want. Decide who is subscribed to which stage so teams get notified each time tasks progress.


Assign personal tasks or assign them to multiple team members. Prioritize tasks with deadlines, time estimates, and labels.

Project manager

Choose who manages which project/ Task so that they receive all the important notifications for any of the missed deadlines and overdue tasks and thus stay accountable.

Custom roles

Stay in ultimate control of who gets access to what as per their responsibilities and the organizational


Bring all your team and client discussions at one place, eliminate the long email threads and keep them from derailing, all using one project planning platform.


@Mention anyone you want to loop them in discussions having more than one person, address them or grab their attention any time you want.


Use email-in to become part of discussions, add tasks, upload files, reply to email notifications


Schedule your tasks, set automatic reminders and have multiple calendar views and avoid referring to multiple calendars.

Project templates

Create project templates, save and keep them organized to add similar projects without having to fill details from scratch.

Files & documents

Upload and organize your files at one place. Never lose a file with file management features like versioning and storage, all in one project planning software.

Request forms

Organize the way you receive tickets, support queries or any work requests from multiple sources and get them directly added to Kelsa with request forms.


Take notes of project information, meeting minutes or ideas to remember in Kelsa. Keep them organized and collaborate over them all at one place.

Project & resource reports

Visualize the project and team progress with reports. Get detailed resource and project reports in just a single click.

Workload report

Visualize team capacity and assign work according to the team workload. See metrics by person across all their assigned work.


Keep track of time spent on tasks and even billable hours of projects, both manually and using multiple timers.

Daily agenda

Never miss a deadline again by setting up a daily agenda email and get a handy run-down of your day to stay on top of your schedule.

Activity logs

Review activities across all projects with activity logs.

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