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Integrated Risk Control Applications Pvt Ltd has extensive experience in developing customized solutions using client server as well as N-Tier architecture.

We have built applications that connect to databases, online systems and the internet.We have built an extensive mid-range ERP system, back-office system and on-line lottery system. Many of these systems are combined with Microsoft Office® and other popular desktop technologies to provide fully integrated solutions.

We have worked on myriads of platforms such as Windows NT/2000, Linux and Solaris; Oracle 8i, MS SQL 2000, MySQL, DB2, Oracle and Microsoft front end development tools.

APS Solution

In order to fulfill the above requirements, Integrated Risk Control Applications Pvt Ltd Production Planner offers APS solution based on the diagram below:

Problems are encountered everyday like delay from supplier, cycle time variation, material rejection, resource breakdown and so on. This is further compounded by demand from customer who could change the due date or quantity of order. So any production plan cannot be fixed as it becomes infeasible the very next day.

A company can become flexible and reliable and also at the same time keep inventory and resource downtime low by running production plan frequently. Integrated Risk Control Applications Pvt Ltd Production Planner helps to achieve this as their core strength has been in the area of production planning and scheduling. Through Integrated Risk Control Applications Pvt Ltd Production planning solution, work orders and procurement orders are automatically generated taking into account real time material and capacity constraints. The planning algorithm can be run frequently so that all the problems in factory are visible. Preventive measure can be taken before the problem goes

APS resides over ERP to do planning taking into account material and capacity constraints. It pulls required data from ERP like BOM, Routing, Inventory and WIP and does the planning. The output of the result is sent back to ERP for execution. Some of the customers using Integrated Risk Control Applications Pvt Ltd Production Planner solution include TAFE, Amara Raja Batteries, Strides Arcolab, HAL, DDecor, Moser Baer, Tata Tea, LT Foods, Bimetal Bearings, Carborundum Universal, Tube Products, CRI Pumps, Aquasub Engineering, Flowlink, Arch Pharmalabs, Sanserra Engineering, LMW, TVS Tyres and Komet.

Functionality Features
Capacity Planning
  • Automatically shifts to alternate resource when primary resource not available
  • Automatically shifts to alternate routing when primary routing not available
  • Consideration of machine break-down time, planned maintenance schedule, holidays and overtime
  • Respects constraints like setup time, wait time, queue time and yield
  • Different types of resource can be modeled like batch, pooled, aggregate, subcontract or labor
  • Consideration of additional resource like tools or fixtures
  • Operation wise utilization percentage
  • Model sequence dependent setup time
Material Planning
  • Automatically selects alternate item when primary item not available
  • Considers lot size constraints while generation production or purchase order
  • Takes transfer batch quantity while moving material from one operation to other
  • Vendor share percentage can be specified if there are multiple vendors
  • Consolidation of purchase orders
  • Operation level consumption s
  • Calculates expected safety stock and creates an automatic trigger
  • Moves the capacity loading based on material availability
Other Features
  • Considers both material and capacity constraints
  • What-if analysis capability to find if a new order can be satisfied, given a set of orders are already planned in the system
  • Allocate constrained capacity & material to high priority customers
  • Predict due date of an order taking into account both material and capacity constraints
  • Warns how work orders and sales orders are affected when
    • Supplier has delayed his shipment
    • Cycle time variation
    • Material rejection
    • Resource breakdown
  • Different strategies for planning like minimize WIP or maximize resource utilization
User Interface
  • Role based work flows
  • Excel like interface which makes maintenance of data very simple
  • Printing or sending email directly from any screen
  • Visual representation for bill of material and supply chain diagram
  • Color coding scheme for problem orders
  • Ability to customize menus, buttons, column headers and labels
  • Graphical display of schedules orders using Gantt Chart
  • Scheduled orders can be manually moved by drag and drop
  • Ability to see the links between upstream and downstream operations graphically
  • Ability to create bill of material through drag and drop
  • User authorization privileges
  • Material reports like Inventory, WIP, Dispatch, Allocation and Position
  • Capacity reports like Resource Load, Resource Utilization and Critical Resource
  • Rejection report based on history
  • Alerts like Procurement Orders expected to be shipped or received, Work Orders expected to be released or completed, Inventory going below reorder level
  • Problem Summary like short orders, late orders, capacity and material shortage
  • Audit trail
  • Create custom report or custom alert using user defined tables & columns
  • Cost reports on planned vs actual
  • Visibility to problems in factory
    • Late Orders
    • Short Orders
    • Capacity Problem
  • Ability to know when to generate production order & how much
  • Feasible plan taking into account all upstream & downstream constraints
  • Problem in one department is immediately known to other department & corrective action is taken
  • Give a realistic commit date to the customer
  • Unnecessary buffer at each stage is removed
  • Better inventory control as purchase is made at the right time and right quantity
  • WIP is minimal as the operations are sequenced
  • Rejection report based on history
  • Reduced resource downtime waiting for material
  • Reduced cycle time by using alternates
  • Better customer service level

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